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  • This is why wooden chopping boards are the best

    Wooden chopping boards not only look great but they have a number of other properties which make them the best to use for your food preparation.

    Wooden chopping boards are more hygienic than alternatives as wood has naturally antibacterial properties. Wooden chopping boards have been shown to kill bacteria when contaminated no matter the age of the board.

  • How social enterprises are transforming the world of big business

    On the face of things, there is no wider gulf than that between the profit-driven motives of big business and the more sustainable values held by social enterprises.

    But from the compassionate capitalism of firms such as The Body Shop to the efforts of software giant Salesforce to ensure pay equality, it's clear the two business models have more in common than might at first be realised.

  • How do social enterprises impact the UN Sustainable Development Goals?

    The catchily-named UN Sustainable Development Goals are 17 targets, created to improve the wellbeing of people and our planet. After the widespread worldwide failure in meeting the Millennium Development Goals set in 2000, 193 UN members came together in 2015 and pledged to change their national agendas to meet the brand-spanking new Sustainable Development Goals.

  • How volunteering can boost your job prospects

    It could be a first-class degree from a top university or fluency in another language, but more and more people are turning to volunteering as a way to set themselves apart from the pack. You might decide to work at a music festival in exchange for a free ticket or gain insights into the ever-expanding social enterprise sector by volunteering with a company like us. But whatever you choose, signing up to help out with a business or charity brings incredible personal satisfaction, while also allowing you to pick up concrete skills that give you a leg up the careers ladder.