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This is why wooden chopping boards are the best

Wooden chopping boards not only look great but they have a number of other properties which make them the best to use for your food preparation.

Wooden Chopping Boards Are More Hygienic

Wooden chopping boards are more hygienic than alternatives as wood has naturally antibacterial properties. Wooden chopping boards have been shown to kill bacteria when contaminated no matter the age of the board.

We use solid oak which is much harder than plastic alternatives meaning wooden chopping boards are less susceptible to scratches - especially so with end grain chopping boards. This reduces the amount of areas bacteria can hide during cleaning. If there is excessive damage, the top layer can be removed and re-oiled to ensure the board is in the best possible condition.

We recommend using proper hygiene methods to clean your chopping board, using hot water and soap, as well as keeping it well maintained. The Food Safety Company has some great advice about cleaning a wooden chopping board.

Our Chopping Boards Are Environmentally Friendly

Due to TuffCycle’s ethos and the way we source our materials, our chopping boards don’t have a negative impact on the environment - unlike mass produced alternatives. Our materials are sourced locally and don’t involve cutting down extra trees. Our carbon footprint is minimal (if there at all!) and unlike plastic or glass alternatives, our manufacturing doesn’t use excessive amounts of energy. Have a look at our chopping boards in our shop.

Find out more about how our products reduce the impact on our planet in our next article.

Wooden Chopping Boards Can Last A Lifetime

Throughout their lifespan a wooden chopping board can sustain damage through normal wear and tear. This can be caused by deep knife cuts or soaking the chopping board in water. You can keep the board in good condition with a bit of maintenance by re-oiling it every few months or so. Also, if there is more significant damage on the surface, the wood can be easily sanded down to remove any imperfections and re-oiled to bring the chopping board back to life. By caring for the product like this could ensure your chopping board lasts a lifetime.

You can see some of this process in the how we make our chopping boards.

Wooden Chopping Boards Are Biodegradable

All of our chopping boards are entirely made from natural materials, and even though you can repair and renew our chopping boards to keep them in top condition, they will biodegrade. Standard advice is that if a plastic board becomes too damaged, it must be thrown away as bacteria can thrive in damaged areas. This is especially important considering how the use of plastics are damaging the environment.

Wooden Chopping Boards Keep Your Knife Sharp

Unlike plastic and glass alternatives, wooden chopping boards do not damage your knife. Both plastic and glass chopping boards will dull the blade of the knife with use, but a wooden chopping board will ensure the knife's longevity by not blunting the blade.

Wooden Chopping Boards Look Great!

Above all, a wooden chopping board looks great and adds a bit of warmth and personality to any kitchen.